Work program

The CitInES project is divided into the following Work Packages:

WP1 Specifications, analysis of end users needs and data collection.
This WP aims to define experimentation perimeters and to collect data for each end user. CitInES methodology and software architecture will be also specified.
Leader: Artelys – Participants: all


WP2 System modelling.
The goal of this WP is to design multi-scale models to simulate in details advanced energy systems (in particular smart grid technologies) and use higher level statistical models to extend these results to a whole city.

Leader: INESC – Participants: Artelys, AIT, Schneider Electric


WP3 Long-term energy analysis.
An analytical framework for long term energy vision will be built, with quantitative assessment of short and long-term sources of uncertainty.

Leader: Armines – Participants: all


WP4 Software developments.
During this WP, CitInES decision support tools will be developed based on models defined in previous WP. Innovative optimization algorithms will also be designed to jointly optimize energy system expansion planning with operating and fuel costs.

Leader: Artelys – Participants: INRIA


WP5 Experimentation and impact study.
The developed decision support tool will be applied to Cesena, Bologna and Tupras case studies to help them to optimize their energy strategy.

Leader: AIT – Participants: all


WP6 Dissemination and exploitation of project results.
Leader: Artelys – Participants: all


WP7 Project management.
Leader: Artelys – Participants: all