Crystal Industry software

Crystal Industry is a decision-support tool which models complex energy plants and operational constraints, generates optimized management strategies, and simulates current and new strategies to estimate their respective efficiency.

It is designed as an off-line tool supporting energy management studies that require massive amount of data and complex mathematical/statistical functions.

The main purpose of the Crystal Industry software was to study the behavior of the plant in operational conditions that are different from the current conditions (either due to the application of new management rules or the presence of new assets). In practice, two different types of studies can be performed, either management strategy studies or investment studies.

Here are the key features of Crystal Industry:

Reliable modeling:

  • Industrial system is modeled and calibrated against actual historical data.
  • Missing or corrupted data are handled automatically

Powerful optimization engine:

  • Computation of optimized strategies respects numerous actual technical constraints (efficiency curves, start-up costs,etc.)

Easy implementation of custom strategies:

  • Custom strategies can be designed and simulated by the user. Overall economic and environmental impact of different strategies can be easily compared

User-friendly interface