Some industries are complex energy plants with several operational constraints. They must look for optimized management strategies (rationalization of operational strategies, investment in new assets, etc)

The study of these strategies must rely on a careful and detailed representation of the following aspects of the energy systems:

  • local energy demand emerging from the refinery processes;
  • technical constraints of the energy assets;
  • operational constraints (such as safety/reserve) of the plant;
  • flowsheet structure representing the internal energy flows between assets.

Crystal Industry is used to help industrial operators:

  • Better understand the dynamics and economics of their energy systems.
  • Design new energy-efficient management strategies.
  • Evaluate the economic and environmental impacts of new investment projects.

Thanks to the use of this software, industries will:

  • Improve the use of energy assets of energy-intensive industrial plants.
  • Increase the involvement in the energy markets of non-traditional market actors.
  • Guide investment decision processes towards improved synergies between energy assets.

These three expected benefits would lead, at the scale of an industrial plant, to primary energy cost savings and reduction of polluting emissions (CO2, but also SOX or other pollutants), in particular when the primary energy sources used are fossil fuels.