Cities which have signed the Covenant of Mayors must implement and follow a SEAP. Given the diversity of involved services, local authorities need tools and training to support their decisions, have an overall view of the energy stakes and rationalize their SEAP management process.

Municipality technicians need support in their understanding of the local energy system, in order to reduce the risks of planning actions unsuitable for local reality and to ensure a smart update of the SEAP when  necessary.

Either big or small, every municipality is eager to invest for designing and monitoring its SEAP but is faced with the difficulties of managing such a long and demanding process and wishes to avoid excessive time and money expenditures.

The involvement of diverse stakeholders around SEAP and more globally about the issues linked to energy, is another issue cities need to tackle.

Crystal City is an innovative decision-support tool that is designed to help cities conceive, monitor, update and communicate about their SEAP.

Two municipalities in Italy, Bologna and Cesena, experimented this software.